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January 10 2012


Choosing A Reliable Forex Broker

Choosing forex broker is crucial factor to become a successful forex trader because that is where your money goes. In a simple words, forex broker is just like a bank where you store your money. Nowadays, there are so many forex brokers offering their service, think carefully on choosing good forex broker because in the end your prove of success (money) is rely on them.

Here is some simple guide for you to select a suitable broker in your trading. Please be wise in selecting forex broker because most of traders trade in different way and also capital amount to start.

Minimal deposit amount:
Why we need the minimal amount is because it allows us to test the service first and reduce any unexpected risk. There is a lot forex broker out there, a good forex broker usually offer a very small deposit besides offering a larger need. Small account is good opportunity to gain experience and learning about the real market. InstaForex Malaysia for example offers a very low deposit and they also have cent account.

Offers free demo accounts opening:
Surely demo account is a must have for every traders and broker should offer it for free unlimited use. Good forex brokers always offer his traders to open a dummy account for practice because a dummy account allows trader to trade in original circumstances.

Forex broker must be regulated under law:
Regulated broker is important thing to consider. Every country has its own regulatory authorities so before open an account make sure that your broker is registered with the countries regulated authorities.

Quick execution of orders:
Forex is rely on a very good entry, and good entry rely on fast execution. In forex trading profits can be earned in a moment. To earn profits in seconds, must select a broker who is capable to execute orders quickly.

Very low spread:
Most brokers offer great spread because they want to get more commission on your trades. If you want to make good profit, just select a very low spread broker.

High leverage limit:
Choosing the right leverage is depends on your capital amount and also the risk tolerance. But this is depends on your trading style.

Free analysis tools and software support:
There are so many trading software avaiable in the market right now. A good forex broker always update their trading software and offer it for free for registered trader or not.

High customer support:
A good forex broker always helps their customer in need. If you have problem, just contacting them and wait for their response. But make sure you asked what is related to them only. An alternative way is to contacting their partner such as InstaForex Malaysia official partner.

I hope the above guideline can help you make correct decision in selecting good forex broker. A good forex broker is important in our trading career. A good forex broker is one who will provide you up to date knowledge, low spread, low minimum deposit with low commission.

December 26 2011


The Benefits Of Forex Rebate Programs

One of the best online money making opportunity is currency trading which is offer huge profit for those who interested. I't simple, we only need an internet connection and computer to start trading forex online. Once registered, anyone can connect easily and start forex trading anytime you want. The internet technology has brought to us one of the best home business ever. 

There is a way to make a profit in forex industry, forex rebates or cash back is one of the best easy money in forex. Forex rebate is a refund money by individual or company that receive commission after you sign up under them. Don't underestimated the impact of taking a rebate because it is a free way to to get pay back from broker spread. Now you can see how the rebate is the best to get if you are heavy scalper. 

Assume you trade 10 lots per day. If the rebate offered for $2 per lot, then you will get $20 after trading 10 lots per day. Surely this is no risk at all. If you are good trader, this is very good additional income plus your trading profit. This is the advantage for a heavy scalping person who made many trades per day. 

Typically a forex rebate program will be offered by an Introducing Broker (IB) or Agent. This IB receives a certain commission by referring any new investor or customer to the related broker, and then they give the cash back to the client. It is a mutually valuable understanding where everybody will get benefit from the program. As we know, we should get the rebate. If you trade often you can simply a part of the spread from a large number of forex brokers. Forex rebate is the most interesting part if you are lost in trading because you still got some of your money back.

There are so many individuals out there that giving different rebate rates. You will quickly locate any rebate program from the well-known Brokes like Instaforex, FXPro, Dukascopy, FXCM etc. But from my experience, InstaForex rebates is the highest among others. Remember to get your rebate today to make easy money while trading forex online.
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